Our Donors


Our mission is to provide you, the donor, with a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of military families. The Healing Road Foundation truly understands your deep rooted need to give back and invoke a positive change on someones life. The simple act of giving to a cause near to your heart and providing someone an opportunity for a better life that they cannot provide for themselves, is the greatest gift of all. We are honored to serve you and facilitate your purpose and passion.


Our generation does not want its epitaph to read, “We kept charity overhead low.” We want it to read that we changed the world.


-Dan Pallotta


The old adage that all gave some and some gave all, continues as true today as it has throughout our rich American military history. The difference being, our veterans are surviving battlefield injuries now more than ever before and returning home broken. Gone are the days of high mortality rates and mortal wounds at war thanks to exponential advances in technology and emergency medical care. Whereas a veteran would most likely die on the battlefield, they now more than ever, have a chance at survival. While we are fortunate and grateful for a life saved, this situation puts an enormous strain on the families once the veteran returns home.


Once a veteran is done with his or her service in the military, their transition back into civilian life and into their own home can be very difficult. Along with all of the different aspects that they may have to address, it is generally the child who gets overlooked in the healing process. For the survivor, becoming an instant widow and single parent is devastating. The heart break felt by both the surviving spouse and child is crippling and almost unbearable. These fragile families bear the burden of the ultimate sacrifice.

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.”


– Leonard Ravenhill


Our objective is to provide life is changing outdoor experiences for wounded veterans, survivors and their children in a safe, stress free environment.We have been privileged with a brief yet impactful time to host these small, private events which are pivotal in reconnecting the parent and child.


The Healing Road provides a critical service to help our military families reconnect and rebuild relationships, which improves our entire community. Our outreach is also open to  surviving spouses and children of fallen veterans. The goals of every Healing Road event are:

  • Provide a safe, secure environment where the veteran/survivor can give their child undivided attention, affection, and focus. This generally allows barriers of anger or animosity to soften.
  • Provide an atmosphere where the veteran and/or survivor feels safe enough to talk about their military experiences and struggles.
  • Provide new direction and a starting place for the parent/child relationship to begin healing.
  • Give the veteran an opportunity to pass on outdoor skills, knowledge and experience, reaffirming his/her place as a role model.
  • Help the veteran reintegrate back into the child’s life.
  • Give the child an opportunity to open up about their thoughts and feelings.


In the end, it is the veteran and their family who afford us the freedoms that we so cherish. We believe that it is our duty to honor and help these families with every possible resource available. While there is a multitude of resources available strictly for the service member, addressing the broken parent/child relationship has been a huge oversight until now.


As long as America has an active military, with brave men and women willing to serve their country we will continue to see a steady influx of mentally and physically wounded veterans re-integrating back into their homes and communities. Your generosity will provide us the much needed personnel and resources to continue ministering to these hurting families. Through your financial gifts, estate planning and professional services, you can change the lives of military families for generations. Please join us today to make a difference.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan